Grand Trunk

Farmstead Gruyère

(7 reviews)

M.F. 40 %, Moisture 28 %, Aged 18 - 24 months, 170g

What appears to be a crumbly interior is actually rich and creamy on the palate with a nice balance of salt. The aromatic rind gives this cheese a contrasting texture to the interior and typical aromas associated with washed rind cheeses.

Grand Trunk is named after the old railway bridge of the former Grand Trunk Railway in St. Marys.

Grand Trunk tastes excellent in sandwiches or on a cheese platter with fruits, dried meat and rustic bread. It is a great cheese for fondue or grilled cheese sandwiches. Grand Trunk is unique in its appearance and taste.

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170g.  Best before 120 days.

Ingredients: Unpasteurized milk, salt, rennet, bacterial culture.


Where Else to Buy Stonetown Cheese
First place winner at the 2017 & 2016 Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. First place winner at the 2018 British Empire Cheese Competition. First place winner at the 2023 Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Firm cheese, distinctive salty flavour. Pairs well with white or red wine. Aged 12-18 months.

7 reviews for Grand Trunk

  1. Anonymous

    the best cheese i have ever had

  2. Norm Matte

    I was one of the judges for the specialty cheese class at the British Empire Cheese Show in Belleville and vouch for the great flavour and texture of the cheeses from Stonetown Cheese

  3. Tim Dyck (verified owner)

    So beautiful in many ways! Bold flavour and creamy-crumbly.

  4. Sandra Kay

    Saw this cheese for the first time today in our North Sydney, NS, Sobey’s. It’s so delicious!!

  5. Jayden

    Definetly 5 stars best cheese I’ve ever had

  6. Matt – Grate Cheesery

    One of our favourite cheeses we carry at our shop in Kelowna.

  7. Anonymous

    Amazing cheese. Couldn’t stop eating it! Reminds me of Sprintz cheese.

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