Kalamata Kiss

M.F. 32 %, Moisture 40 %, Aged 3-5 months, 170g

Kalamata Kiss is a firm, straw yellow cheese. The extra virgin oil and black Kalamata olives create a characteristic Mediterranean flavour. The intense, rustic flavour, enhanced by the oil's tang, tastes delicious with antipasta or melted on a grilled veggie sandwich or a special treat for Raclette.

It tastes also great on a cheese platter with fruits and nuts or as a snack.

170g.  Best before 120 days.

Ingredients: Unpasteurized milk, salt, rennet, bacterial culture, Kalamata olives.


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Firm cheese, smooth, creamy Mediterranean flavour with black Kalamata olives. Aged 3-5 months. Kalamata Kiss pairs well with heavy red wine.


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