Our Story

“The taste of the Swiss Alps from our farm to your table!”

With our three children in tow, we immigrated to Canada in 1996 to begin a new life in St. Marys, Ontario, where we  started our own dairy farm. Having previously worked in the Swiss Alps, it was always our dream to produce delicious, high quality cheese reminiscent of the renowned Swiss Mountains and made from our own milk. With a profound commitment  to creating cheese of the highest quality, and the support of our family, as well as Ramon Eberle, a Master Cheese Maker from Switzerland, our humble dream became a reality.

The fresh milk our cows produce is processed into a handcrafted, farmstead cheese. In order to obtain a great taste, the milk is unpasteurized and has no additives. This ensures the cheese is pure and natural.

Life if great. Cheese makes it better!

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Swiss tradition locally produced!